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cybersportHere is the list of most popular esports games: Alliance of Valiant Arms, Battlefield series, Call of Duty series, Clash Royale, Counter-Strike series of esports CSGO, CrossFire, Doom, Dota 2, FIFA series, Fortnite, Gears of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Halo series, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, iRacing, Killer Instinct, League of Legends, Madden, Marvel vs. Capcom, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, NBA 2K, Overwatch, Painkiller, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Pokémon, Pro Evolution Soccer, Project CARS, Puyo Puyo, Quake, Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League, Smite, Special Force II, Star Craft, Star Craft II, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros., Team Fortress 2, Tekken, Tetris, TrackMania, Unreal Tournament, Vainglory, War Thunder, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft & World of Tanks. With many – if not all of them – you can play esports for cash.

The entire market of esports gambling is estimated today as 30 billion dollars. 

How to make bets on esport?

Bets on Cyber SportIf you have ever done any bets on regular sports events (like soccer, hockey, tennis or golf), you should find the procedure of esports in play betting pretty much the same. The most basic esports bet is the winner of a match or with what account the match is going to end, if applicable. The types of bets on esports live can vary depending on the esports gambling institution you’re using & they are: Moneyline bet, Head-to-Head & Straight. Other terms may also be in use – that’s going to be written in the rules of your gambling facility.

To make a profitable bet, you have to place your bet on the victory of this team or player, which, according to your opinion & the wager multiplier, is going to win.

Collecting your winning is also similar to bets on horseracing, regular sports bets & other similar instances. The amount of winning is defined by odds that were for your bet. Simple math, in other words.

The main esport events

In the world of esports, there are leagues, tournaments & loudest events. For 2019, the biggest events were as follows: The world cup of Fortnite, the World Championship for League of Legends, BlizzCon, Capcom Cup, IESFW Championships, Overwatch World Cup, EVO (Evolution) Championships, Rocket League Champ, Intel Extreme Masters, FIFA eWorld Cup, CS: GO Champs, Fortnite SS, DreamHack, SC II World Champ, Hearthstone  Champ, Smite Champ, Halo Champ, DOTA 2 Asia Champs (this is one of the most watched esports games).

In general, in the world, there are 70 recognized official events & leagues (active), with 9 of them being defunct to this date.

Watch the esports competitions

Fans & regular people watch esports games not only for fun or for the sake of support of a team but also to feel that unbelievable spirit of the competition & general ambiance. & a fair share of viewers is thrilled by huge prizes, which these events have. Let’s highlight the top 5 earning e-sport games.

Dota II takes the first place with 41.26 million dollars of the prize pool (in 2018). Then goes Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) with 22.47 M dollars in 2018 of the general prize pool. Third place belongs to Fortnite with a 19.96 total pool of prize money in 2018. The same year, League of Legends made 14.12 million. The last, fifth place, is still whopping with 6.73 million belonging to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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