Voluntary Quarantine Advertising Waiver


casino gamesThe Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), the body that represents online gambling operators in the United Kingdom, has agreed to a voluntary advertising waiver for the duration of the quarantine. This agreement was made between the major companies, and it should reduce the amount of advertising on TV and radio gambling by 50%. 

Companies with existing advertising contracts will simply replace them with calls for responsible gaming. BGC now expects the other gambling operators who are not part of the deal, including The National Lottery, to follow suit. It can only be more profitable no deposit no max cashout bonus codes in online casinos.

According to the BGC information the gaming activity did not increase as it was expected by many people, but on the contrary it decreased on 60 percent. And if you consider the closure of land-based betting sites and casinos, the overall activity has decreased significantly. According to the organization, there has also been less advertising, but they have decided that they need to keep residents even more safe in these difficult times. Even more recently, in response to a call from doctors observing the effects of gambling addiction to cancel gambling ads during quarantine, the BGC seemed to take a defensive stance. Even then, they noted that gambling activity, on the contrary, had decreased. But, apparently, they did not wait for the regulator to intervene and took action.

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